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You can find the downloads for this mod on its page.

Note: You can get to The Sims 4 mod folder by going to your documents folder, then to Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods (You must have run the game at least once for the mod folder to appear).

Automatic Installation (Windows Only)

If you would like to install this mod automatically, download this mod's installer. The installer is an executable that can automatically add this mod to your game but currently only works for Windows computers. With the installer, old versions that where correctly installed will be automatically removed. You will also be prompted to enable the game's mod support settings if they aren't already.

Manual Installation

If you would like to install this mod manually, download the mod's files prepackaged in a zip folder. After you've downloaded this go through the following instructions to manually install this mod.

  • Navigate to your download folder and find the downloaded mod zip folder.
  • Copy the contents of the zip folder to your Sims 4 mod folder. Make sure to delete the previous version of this mod, if it exists, before installing the new one.
  • Enable mods by starting The Sims 4 and going to the options menu's other tab and enable the options "Enable Custom Content and Mods" and "Script Mods Allowed". The game must be restarted after enabling these settings for the mods to be loaded.